Welcome to the Five Elements model of communication styles, a powerful diagnostic tool designed to help you reach your full potential.

Have you ever felt like you can’t seem to get your message across?

Have you ever spent hours agonising over an email, deciding whether to call a client, or feeling like you’re out of touch with your organisation’s values and plans? If you relate to some or all of the above, then we have the solution: the Five Elements model of communication styles will identify what your communication style is and how to be more adaptable, which will help you to adjust your approach and become a more successful communicator. The reports are rich with charts and information to help you with this process.

Say goodbye to feeling out of touch, and harness the power of the Five Elements!

What are the Five Elements?

Five Elements is a model of communication styles. Each style corresponds to one of the five Chinese elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, water. The five styles are Visioning (where do we want to be?), Planning (how will we get there?), Facilitating (what resources are necessary?), Doing (what actions need to happen?), and Checking (what have we achieved? where are we now?). Each style has strengths and weaknesses to consider, and interacts with other communication styles in different ways.

How does it work?

The Five Elements diagnostic is quick and easy, taking no more than 8 minutes to complete online. Head over to the “Take The Test” page, pay quickly via debit or credit card, and then complete the questions. Each question will ask you to rank a group of statements, awarding more points to the more relevant statements, and less points to the irrelevant ones. After you have finished, your report will be immediately available for download from the website; you will also be emailed a copy of the report.

What do I get?

You’ll get a detailed 15-20 page report (the size of the report varies depending on your results!) explaining your communication style/s, adaptability quadrant, where any communicative weaknesses lie, and a whole host of other useful (and actionable) insight.

What is the cost?

It costs £10.00 (inclusive of UK VAT). We are keeping the price low to make the Five Elements diagnostic affordable for individuals but also teams and groups who wish to share their results with each other.

The 5 styles

What Client's Say

Being a business that behaves, and presents itself holistically, we were looking for something with similar values to help us maintain a working balance within our team; a very practical and personal way to further our relationships and productivity.

We like things that are different here at Holistic Audio, but we also like a process that is proven and trusted. After some on-line searching, we found The Five Element Diagnostic!

The Five Element Diagnostic tool has been so helpful to us as a start-up, not only for our staff, but also as a tool to understand our clients and their characteristics and needs. To be frank, if you’ll allow it, the in-sights understood by working with this tool can help you in your personal life too!

The Five Element Diagnostic is quirky, fun, and easy to do. It takes no time to fill in the on-line questions and the rest is done for you.

We loved reading the results and putting what we learnt into action. The whole process was so smart and innovative. In our opinion a must for people wanting to understand themselves, their clients and how to keep a busy and harmonious workplace!

Thank you!

Paul Lockyer - Operations Director
Holistic Audio

I have learned a lot about my communication style from the 5 Elements diagnostic, both in terms of my strengths and (especially) my weaknesses. I would fully encourage you to apply this tool to any area of life where you could benefit from a boost in performance! It is clear that the creator of this tool really cares about what they are doing and wants to share this knowledge with others to help them be effective (and more importantly, happy) in their chosen vocation.

Andrew Benson Brown - Writer
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